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Thacha Wongtheerawit is engaged to Phayak Chatdecha Chen because of a mutually beneficial business agreement. The sweet love of Hia Yi and Khondiao is like the ending of a romance novel… As if. Thacha is left alone on the engagement day. He’s left alone when he moves into Hia Yi’s place. As the wedding ceremony is around the corner, he has to deal with everything alone… His name is Khondiao, but it doesn’t mean he wants to be alone! As the distress is no longer bearable, Thacha decides to flee from the future wedding to Switzerland, not suspecting Hia Yi will try to catch up with him and get into a car accident. What’s more, Hia Yi loses his memory when he wakes up and accuses Thacha of being the one despising the idea of getting married! What’s with him, huh?!


Status: Complete

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